Center Locations

Program Locations & Statistics


Our intentions are to identify and partner with high need schools within proximity of our centers. We provide after school transportation to the center and conclude with a parent/guardian picking up their child. This allows us to interact with the family and encourage a hands on, dual approach to success. Currently, we have Centers in Marion IN, Pontiac and Detroit, impacting over 150 kids each week. To learn more about getting involved, please contact Andrea Meyer, VP Programs and Engagement at


Growth and Expansion
The Center for Success was started with the intentions of reaching children and their families internationally. Our vision is to open 100 centers in America’s worst crime cities and to make an impact globally. The Center for Success is focused on being a part of the solution to the needs of each individualized community. Due diligence of each potential location, is done so with our mission to empower individuals and families to live successful lives as first priority. If you are interested in opening a center in your city, please contact DJ Ikeler, Founder and President at or (248) 881-1410